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Issue mit new tab visualization

 There is a new tab visualization under Mac OS Look & Feel:


I do not know if they are better or not, bit the very small button at the right side

  • is very small and hard to hit on Retina displays
  • does not work when the matchboard is being docked to the tabbed pane and there are some more tabs (in the screenshot there is only one more tab to the left, but there are aboutr four more tabs not accessible – they are only accessible after undocking the matchboard – very annoying if the docking of the matchboard is part of the template. The same might also happen with other resources docked to the tabbed pane
  • the tabs are no more centered (external oberservation)

Let's see it like this: Instead of keeping the GUI tidy, a new button has appeared (SCNR).


But another important matter has not been totally resolved: the very short titles that can only be guessed (or indeed hovered with the mouse to get the info as tool tip):



Just turn on tabs wrapping via View > Tabs > Wrap tabs to get rid of the tab scrolling button. 

Indeed, but pls note that this button does not work under certain circumstances.

And it makes the title issue even more obvious (same tab as above):


So much space wasted (and less than six characters remaining to have the titles complete).


If you join a few tabs together, you should expect the shortening of the joined tab title. CafeTran is designed to work on normal lower resolution computers too (not only on the super ultra hi-res retina display on MacBooks and iMacs).  Mac users are treated on an equal footing with Windows and Linux users.

Discrimination of Mac users, I see. ;-)

But seriously, this is a screenshot from a Windows machine with 1368 x 768 resolution:


Same problem.


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