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Repository for web resources (.res files)


One of CafeTran’s strengths is the ability to add various web resources and query them via the internal browser.

To make full use of this functionality, new users must take time to add relevant resources for their language pairs, to build upon the existing examples.

Since CafeTran stores this information in simple, easily shareable .res files and supports importing such files (Resources > Import web resource info), I think it would be great if there was some kind of repository for sharing such files across language pairs.

This could happen in a public Dropbox folder shared by Igor, the GitHub repository I have created for the reference files, etc.

Bilingual resources should be organized in separate per language pair folders, and monolingual resources in separate language-specific folders.

What do you think? Would you be willing to share such resources with other CafeTran users?

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Now, there is a separate forum for Internet resources that can be accessed in CafeTran.

Another possibility would be to create a separate forum here for Web resources to share by the CTE users with the attached .res files. Their organisation by the language-pair may be a bit distracting or unnecessary as most of the online resources cover several languages where only a change to the language codes is needed.  Along with a short description, the user might also provide the link to the Web resource to check what languages are supported. 

I like the idea of a separate forum for sharing Web resources here in the Discussions. I wonder what other CTE users think. In that case, I agree multilingual resources don't need to be posted twice, although it can still be useful to maintain somewhere separate folders with bilingual or monolingual resources, for easy download and integration. Such approaches can be independent, but complementary.

Jean: I wonder what other CTE users think.

I think it's far too laborious. I usually create those files myself, but I think you can use the Intelliwebsearch' repository to find the .res files. May need some minor modifications. 


Brilliant, thank you Hans. They seem to be .ini files, but the contained information can easily be used when adding a resource in CafeTran. I've added a "Web resources suggestions" section under "Add/Edit resource window" in

Jean: I've added a "Web resources suggestions" section

I think you should also mention the "Igor way" to get these data, using SlimBoat (macOS) / SlimBrowser (WIN).

The tip on short web resources names is okay, although I prefer to start them with the language combination, not end them. And since I have one TL only (Dutch), I only use the SL abbreviations. That makes the name even shorter, but more importantly, they will be shown in alphabetical order, so in groups, both on the DashBoard and in the Menu.


Nice! I'll take the naming suggestion (although I'll have to stick to SL+TL since I work on multiple language pairs).

The Slimbrowser and Slimboat methods have been added as well.


Now, there is a separate forum for Internet resources that can be accessed in CafeTran.

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