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Matchboard too slow

I am not sure if others can reproduce this problem, but my matchboard is rather slow. This is just an example, please not that the delays can even be worse.

See the attached video.


Waiting two or three seconds for the matching results (with TM hits enabled) is not slow. Actually, it is very fast with the Automatic matching option on. You can get even faster with Preliminary memory matching or disable the Hits option for your TM (very intensive processor's operation).    

Even if this is only the tip of the iceberg (the 20 seconds mentioned last week were counted properly 2 times). Even when going forward and back, the same delay can be observed (shouldn't there be a kind of cache?).

Preliminary memory matching TM (either as TM option or activated via Translate menu) gives you the cache.

Disable Hits for Total Recall was the clue. Much better now.


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