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High Sierra trouble

Okay, here we are.

  • Alt key stops working. As reported here, the Alt key suddenly stops working, now confirmed on a new, system (only CT, Office and Java installed). This concerns navigation and any command with the Alt key involved. Who can be the culprit now?
  • Opening of Studio packages makes CT freeze. These packages can only be opened in the exceptional case of not having a TM inside.
  • Creation of projects makes CT freeze. I only try to change the default location of the project files. Even with the default setting the same thing happens. Indeed the folder and the xlf are created and they can be opened after restarting CT (via Open project, of course the project itself is not inside the dropdown list)
  • Opening of resources makes CT freeze. Not always, but always enough (when a file/project is already opened and a resource is selected via the menu, e.g. when another resource windows is opened and not visible, but also when it is visible, preferably with DeepL being one of them and being joined).
  • Matchboard is sometimes slow. While the MT windows always pop up, the rest of the resources needs sometimes between some and 20 seconds to pop up (and these resources are not so big).

I am really a fan of CT, but this is a bit too much. I would have loved to unleash the power of CT with a new machine, but this is disappointing. As stated above, this is High Sierra with 8 GB allocated (and 16 GB for the whole machine). At this moment I switch back to memoQ and only work on mqxliff files, hoping that the Alt key keeps working and that I do not need to open resources.

Any chances to get these things resolved?

IK: I always do it with the latest official versions of major OSes.

I do it with girls of the female inclination. But you shouldn't do it with the latest official version, you should do it with a (gold) beta. And with girls.

In this case, the OS (High Sierra on my Mac) is not an issue.

Of course not. macOS is never an issue. Nor is Windows (unless they [moderated] it up again, of course. The point is, you can't check everything (OS/hardware) all the time on your own. Don't know how to solve this. Atril seems to have rather big problems with their new version of DV. They don't blame it on Windows/Access. And they shouldn't. But it's caused by the Redmondians. I think it's almost impossible for you to include all hardware and software changes, but then again, you should. How? Beats me.


The problem is not that the issue does not exist on Igor's system. Even a company such as Kilgray had these moments in the last years, because you cannot emulate all situations and OSs. The problem can be that users might get the impression that they are not taken seriously or that there is a lack of will to resolve things, even when problems arise on a rather new system. I really hope this is only an impression.

The developer (Igor) is always absolutely free to say "this does not exist on my system". But in the same sense users are always absolutely free to decide on the solutions that they use.

Torsten: The problem is not that the issue does not exist on Igor's system.


He can say he can't replicate it, but that's just about all.


Next week, next trouble (or maybe the same again)

- docx file, 400 words, TM with 675 Kb, no Total Recall, DeepL selected
- CT freezes during project creation, project folders are not created
- project creation successful after unselecting DeepL
- during the transdlation DeepL is selected -> CT freezes
- opening project folder from the dashboard, DeepL selected

DeepL stands here for any web resource, I assume (Java browser issue? Java 9.0.4 here). I begin to feel like an alpha tester …

 After numerous tests, I am not able to confirm the Java browser issue (Mac, Java 9.0.4, High Sierra). Two tips:

- check with the latest build of update 1 (2018030401)

- try with another look and feel (Nimbus or Metal) in Preferences > Appearance.

Nope. CT keeps stalling, also with TMs in Studio packages.

A switch to Metal or Nimbus - besides the aesthetics – means that many system shortcuts including Alt-Right and Aöt-Left are not functional any more.

It's like buying a brandnew, fast car and getting explained that you need to downgrade just a bit more – „but it moves, look!".


One of the most important culprits that malkes CT freeze seems to be the internal browser.

Is there no way to limit its provessor and/or RAM usage?


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