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REQ: Better migration (= better backup etc.)

Some points when migrating to a Mac with brandnew High Sierra (no update).

  • After opening the first project and doing some settings I had the bad idea to start DeepL as a resource. The Java browser made CT stall (talking about 8 GB RAM now and a new processor) and all settings were gone. Why aren't they saved immediately?
  • When logging in into for the first time, I was redirected to a non-existing page on the CT website. The next try worked, but despite of a fairly fast connection there was a certain time without any feedback (other than TM Town, that showed immediate feedback).
  • This idea is not new, but a possibility to save a part of the preferences (e.g. Shortcuts, Views, Colors and Fonts, all settings with pathes) or even – ¡milagro, milagro! – all settings in one place (in the user directory) would be marvellous.

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