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Can't split segment when filtering by "segments with highlight colour"

I can't split segments when filtering by "segments with highlight colour". To split the segment, I have to stop the filter, find the relevant segment, split the segment and then reactivate the filter and refind the segment.

This needs fixing.

Note: I'm working on a straightforward word file, nothing fancy.

Turns out you can't join segments either. This also needs to be fixed.


Joining and splitting segments works in the normal, that is, unfiltered view only when the all the segment are guaranteed to be in the consecutive order. The order of the segments can be quite different with the filter on. There is nothing to be fixed here as it was designed that way.


That makes no sense. I can see that there's superficially, though not actually, an issue with joining segments, but with splitting segments? There's no issue at all. If it's designed to work that way, the designer doesn't know what he's doing.


 > There's no issue at all

There is one. One of the split parts may not belong to the filtered category anymore. What you requests for consists of two CTE features:

Filter with the highlight color followed by split/join such filtered segment. CafeTran has not have it implemented yet. I don't know but perhaps developers have already achieved that? I am sure they know what they are doing.

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