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Memory > Import segments from project not working

Following scenario:

  • Finish project on machine 1 (4K words, new client, new TM)
  • Proofread and edit file on a 2nd machine and then reopen on 1. machine
  • Memory > Import segments from project
  • „Action completed“ is being displayed
  • Open a 2nd, simlar project with many repetitions from the 1st project
  • I get constantly wrong matches, the TM did obviously not take into account the changes – why?

This is really hilarious.

Igor, is "Memory>Import>Import segments from project" and "Project>Export>to TMX" the exact same thing?

My understanding is that the "import" option will add segments to an existing memory and "export to TMX" will overwrite the memory. Or do I lose my existing memory when doing "import segments from project"?


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