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REQ: Different colors for matches from "designated" glossaries/fragment memories

 I would like to request that, in the source segment pane, CT offer the ability to apply different font/background colors to matches from "designated" glossaries/memories than the colors assigned to term/memory matches in general.

For instance, I want matches from the project glossary/memory and client-supplied glossaries to be highlighted in different colors so that I won't miss them.



For the source segment or in the matchboard?

For the source segment this might get diffcult with a rising number of TMs/TBs (what if one term has two hits?), but for the matchboard this is warmheartly seconded – more flexibility (colors, order) would be welcome.



My idea is these colors on the source segment pane, not on the Matchboard. This is all because of my preferences: I want to keep the source text display as clean (plain) as possible (because I don't like complicated visual things, which are no more than disturbances to me), but this color-coding of only the matches from specified resources would be very useful.


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