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Request: Missplelled autosuggestions


I think this request was already made in the past, but one more time: CT should not remember immediately all the words we type. It should wait until the full segment is written and sent to the TM. This way it would stop memorizing most misspelled words.

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Seconded, but with a slight change.

  • Send all words to a kind of temporary Autocomplete (a kind of cache, if it exists) while being in the segment.
  • Send all words to Autocomplete after confirming the segment (and do not send the misspelled, but immediately corrected words).

The immanent AC has its pros when typing/using let's say complicated words inside the same segments.
Ex.: Mister Longstnameofall told us, that he (Mister Longstnameofall) would not be nay longer CEO of Longstnameofall Ltd.
Indeed a very frequent case in legal texts wirh +100 words' segments.
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