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Matchboard + matching logic

 Hi everybody,

Maybe I just missed the answer in some of the older contributions, but I did not find anything.

I would like to change the behavior of the matchboard and the matching logic for the glossary.

1) Exclude glossaries open in tabs from being used by the matchboard

Explanation: I work a lot offline (train+planes) therefore I use IATE glossaries offline in a tab but do not wish them to be included by the MB (=to many hits!)

2) I would like the Matchboard (MB) to give priority to my own glossary entries and not to fragments of my segments.(=TMX/Total recall).

Explanation: I use quite long terms in my glossary (=technical expressions). They very often make up to 50% of my sentences. So adding them together almost does the job.

3) Display order of MB. I would like the MB to display entries following the sentence and NOT according to alternatives.


Source sentence DE: 'Neues Feature: Guthaben-Check am Platz'

I have in my glossary:

a) 'Neues Feature:' -> 'Nouvelle fonctionnalité :'

b) 'Guthaben-Check' -> 'vérification de l'avoir'

c) 'Platz' -> 'poste'

Target sentence FR: 'Nouvelle fonctionnalité : vérification de l'avoir au poste'

All I would need to add is the word 'au'.

Right now MB starts at the end of the sentence ...


4) IMHO, the most important thing is to be able to influence the matching of glossary entries in the active glossary tab. I want to be able to influence that better! Right now, it looks like that:


As you can see I added the terms 'Guthaben-Check' and 'Guthaben-Check am Platz'. If for one programming reasons both need to stay, I would like to influence the display order and !!! be able to totally hinder the display of 'Platztausch' I only want exact word matches.

All the above mentioned points might be feasable, I did not find how to. The former 'Heartsome' solution that went open source did provide these features.

If you are wondering why I have a term called 'Guthaben-Check am Platz', the explanation is exactly that I was able to assemble quickly new sentences from set features.

Thanks for you feedback.

Kind regards


> I use IATE glossaries offline in a tab but do not wish them to be included by the MB
Exclude certain TMs/TBs from matchboard = seconded.

> Right now MB starts at the end of the sentence ...
Is this really "Sort matches by quality" or rather alphabetically (right-click into matchboard)?


> I want to be able to influence that better!

Seconded (including apostrophed words).

Hi Thomas,

1. You switched the Prefix matching option on. Then, CT has no way of telling the quality of your matches as it matches the prefixes only in your resources. Turning off the Prefix matching option should exclude the "Platztausch" as well.

2. Check the three sorting options for the Matchboard after right-clicking at the panel.

3. To exclude any resource (TM or glossary) from auto-assembling and the Matchboard, right-click at the specific resource window and tick "Keep out of auto-assembling".

4. If you do not find these options in your CT installation, please update the program to the latest 2018 Akua version as described here:

Make sure you update after the completion of your current projects There is an improved Word filter in 2018 version which is not compatible with the older CT versions.

Many thanks for both of you comments.
Yes that helped. Not quit yet what I want, but I will 'play' along for the remaining 2000 segments to get a better understanding of how the different settings work. Then I might come back with more suggestions.
Thank you !


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