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REQ: Sort TMs on Dashboard alphabetically etc.

It would be nice to have the TMs on the dashboard

  1. sorted alphabetically (optional or not)
  2. shown in two columns if they fit (scrolling is 1998)

Thie second point is of minor importance and a question of aesthetics (lots of space wasted, no sacrifice of simplicity), but the first one would be really nice when working with templates (that are quite static concerning TM display).

I just see we already had this two years ago, but since then the project templates have come into the game.

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1. They are sorted in the 2018 Akua version.

2. The users often have long names for TMs which would cause horizontal scrolling in the TM panel. This in turn, would cascade the user's requests and questions concerning aesthetics of horizontal scrolling, as it was once before.   

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