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REQ: Better Auto-Complete

I am doing a lot with voice recognition, but Autocomplete is another CT feature that's quite important to me. However, AC has its quirks:

  • it stutters with two word terms from the Glossary, e.g. "wie beispielsweise" for "such as". The 2nd longer word does not appear in AC. Maybe a two degree recognition for Glossary and TM could resolve this (AC from the 2nd letter for Glossary terms, but only after the 3rd or 4th for TMs), or similar for high, medium and low priority resources.
  • when I mistype a word, it is immediately taken over by AC, so I need to remove it, but other words from former segments are not proposed, similar for words I see in the pane, but that are not proposed – bonus question for me in any of these situations if it is faster to take the trackpad and use the advanced feature to mark & copy or simply to type.

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It works with two, three, four and more word-phrases form glossaries and TMs. Please check your Autocompletion settings in Edit > Preferences > Workflow tab. 

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