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How to set translated status but not on locked segments


Do you know perhaps how I can set the translated status in a Studio project (client wants it this way) without affecting locked segments? Client says that, as some locked segments are empty, he doesn't want them set as "translated", apparently it's a problem for him. How can I exclude locked segments from being set on "translated"?

Thank you!!



The following may work:

1. Filter > Unlocked segments.

2. Task > Set translated status for target segments.

Do not Finalize as it sets the translated status for all segments.

Thanks Igor, yes, that was my idea, too, but I was not sure whether it may work. I've now tried and sent the package to the client, I'll report if it worked :-)


 I hope you use one of the recent CT updates as this filtering functionality for the translated status has been added not long ago.

I think so, my current update is Forerunner.
Have a nice evening, Igor,


Hello Igor,
unfortunately the client says that it still doesn't work (filter on Unlocked segments and only then set on Translated). In Trados he sees all segments set on Translated, even the locked ones. His problem is that some of these locked segments are empty and he needs them not to be set on Translated, because if so he has to set them back manually. He says that "it's very dangerous for them to have those segments set on Translated because the translation seems done when it's not the case". I don't really understand the issue they have, but would it please be possible not to set empty and locked segments on Translated?



Hello Elisabetta,

If your files are .sdlxliff, do not finalize them. Just perform Project > Save. Finalizing or exporting to package sets the Translated status for all segments indeed.

Hello! I see. Yes, it's a sdlxliff file and the client always wants a return package... Would it be technically possible not to set to Translated through finalizing/creating a package in order to avoid the problem? Perhaps there are also other users with the same problem I have with this agency? :-)


The latest build of the CTE 2018-Akua update 5 adds the option to omit setting of the Translated status to target segment. Just make sure you set this status to the relevant segments (not locked) via the Task menu before the export. 

Happppppy! :-) Thanks!


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