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Source document reference not found

I'm translating a documents fodler project consisting of three docx files and one pptx file.

I noticed this morning that the ProjName_de-DE folder (containing the source files) contains the three docx files but no pptx file. I assumed this meant the file wouldn't export correctly, and this assumption turns out to be correct - it produces the message "Source document reference not found".

It appears, therefore, that either:
a) there is some kind of bug when starting projects with multiple file types. (Alternatively there may be a bug in the replace document procedure, as I replaced one of the word documents at one point.) Or:
b) CT doesn't import pptx files into the project folder, but instead stores a reference to the original file, which is stored as an absolute, rather than relative path (I'm trying to export the file on my laptop, having created the project on my desktop - the relative paths are the same on both machiens, the absolute paths different).

Will the export work if I simply copy the pptx file into the folder and append _de-De to the file name? (Yes, I know, I could do a backup and try it. I thought I'd ask first.) Or is option b) the problem? If so, could a relative path be used in future? (Generally working on projects on two machines works well, and it would be good if minor glitches like this could be fixed.)

Copying project folders between the computers is a bit risky due to the possible path problem you mentioned. The safest way to do it via .ctp packages (Project > Export and exchange > To package... and then open the package on the second computer. I have just tested it with the single file project, after document replacement in the middle of the project. Then I moved the .ctp package to another computer and opened the .ctp package in CafeTran. It worked just fine. I haven't tested the same scenario with multiple documents project yet.

> (Yes, I know, I could do a backup and try it. I thought I'd ask first.)

Yes, if you copy or change any file names in the project's folder, please always do the backup of the folder to return to the previous state if something goes wrong.

Thanks Igor, I appreciate the advice, but it doesn't quite answer my question - is this an absolute path problem, or should the pptx file be in the de-De (source) subfolder of the CT project folder and there's a bug?


 When CT creates a multiple documents project, it also creates the folder for the source documents in the project location and then copies all th source documents to that folder regardless of the file type. I am not sure why you cannot find the missing source file inside that folder. If you removed it, you can place it back and check the export. Note that the user is not supposed to edit and change the source language files outside CafeTran. Otherwise, the export will fail.

Firstly, in case anyone else has this problem, copying the source file to the source docs folder (and appending the source language code – in my case '_de-DE' – to the filename) did indeed resolve it and allow me to export.

Secondly, Igor, I don't appreciate the assumption that I've been messing with the source doc folder - of course I haven't!  For whatever reason, CT didn't copy the pptx file to the source doc folder or deleted it during the file replacement process - it's a bug and needs to be fixed.
(I've been using CT long enough to be able to diagnose and even fix the problem, myself, but new users facing imminent deadlines will not be in this position.)

 > I don't appreciate the assumption that I've been messing with the source doc folder - of course I haven't!

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I don't assume anything for certain. This is only a guess based on your description of the issue which includes replacement of source documents during the translation and copying folders across computers. The source language document in question must have been in that document's folder at some point before. Otherwise, CT would never be able to export it successfully after you copied it back there. Anyway, I am not able to confirm any missing source documents during the creation of the projects and export in my systems.

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