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Backup.tmx - what's this?

This is what I found in my TM folder.


This can't be project memories (I do not use them), and as you see, the 2nd file is quite big. When does this happen, and what am I supposed to do?

Simple answer:

Look into them and try to allocate them where they belong. Period.

The complicated thing:

From my experience I assume that any technique to avoid this or to fix this automatically afterwards is seen as too complicated to build. However, isn't there any technique that warns/informs the user (e.g. when finishing a project) that something went wrong during the project? Maybe a kind of log. As this can only be generated by a kind of buffer overflow, of timeout or an error occured when using CT.

Similar inside the project folder (here with a mqxliff, and independent from the files above, different project):


This file has been generated with CT being opened, but without user interaction (look at the time). At least it has 0 Byte.

Not sure exactly how they work, but I'm pretty sure they're just harmless backup files used by CT to backup data when doing stuff.


I don't care about the tmp file, but what intrigues me:
Are these segments in the Backup files now in my usual, "normal" memory or not?
I assume that not ...


Yes, they are simply backup files CT creates during saving your resources. If everything goes fine, they are deleted automatically. If there is an issue (a power outage, the user "kills" the program while saving or any other unknown system issue), you can have at least those backup files to restore. Programs often generate backup or lock files during their runtime.

That's all okay, but do I assume right that I need to check myself whether these segments in the Backup files are now in my usual, "normal" memory or not?

A 16 KB TM is not that big and/or important (in most cases), but a 164 KB TM is quite another thing ...

 Just ignore them if you don't have any issues. If you had an issue, then you can check your backup files and compare.

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