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Better numbers (second batch)

Just another number issue. This is Catalan to German., two very similar sentences (except the numbers – there are several before this chunk – and the month's name).

Every works fine, as the order of the numbers remains unchanged. But …


… there must be inserted a dot for the date. But this dot is being ignored as follows.


Why for heaven's sake doesn't CT simply „recognize “ the dot and place it in the  target doc directly behind the number?

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Just one more point, maybe I am guessing right.
Source: Set the power control to 50%.
Target: Setzen Sie die Leistungssteuerung auf 50 %.

Next sentence:
Source: Set the power control to 75%.
Target: Setzen Sie die Leistungssteuerung auf 75% %.
I assume CT understands the % and the space from the first example in the first posting above as a part of the number, so that they are simply reused in the target. While this is okay for dots and commas ("3.4" or "3,500"), it is counterproductive here. It also happens when in the 1st target there is a non-breaking space between "50" and "%". Perhaps the necessary condition of a non-breaking space would lead the best results when handling numbers, fots and percentages.


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