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Question on "Replace document"


I'm translating four documents (3 x docx, 1 x pptx) as a document folder project. I now want to replace one of the docx files which has been modified. I selected the 'Replace document' option and selected the file in question.

This brings up a 'Project configuration' window, in which the 'Translate folder with documents' box is no longer ticked and in which the "Document..." is listed as just the document in question, rather than the folder as previously. I'm reluctant to hit "Finish", as it looks as if this may change the overall parameters for my project, rather than simply replacing the document.

Can someone confirm whether or not this is the case. If I hit "FInish", will it just replace the document as it should, or will the project get messed up?


I can't confirm this, but I suggest you simply make a backup of the project folder CafeTran has created. In the event the "Replace document" result is not satisfactory, you can close CafeTran, delete the folder, rename the backup folder and open it in CafeTran.

Don't worry, amos! That's the usual dialogue. Only the document will be replaced and the project configuration won't change.


Many thanks for your replies. I took both of your pieces of advice – thankfully, as I needed the backup.

@Igor: I think it would be helpful to make the document replacement process clearer in multi-file projects.
Firstly, the above dialogue is simply confusing and unnecessary. Secondly, it should be made clear that you are replacing the active file. (I assumed that the new file would replace the identically named existing file, but of course that's not what happened.)
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