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Memories folder stopping CT from opening completely?

A problem with the latest version of CT and Java. CT cannot open an existing project completely: it stops (freezes) after opening a few tabs.

Most likely it does before opening a memories folder remembered. This guess is based on my observation that when I deleted the memories folder information from the xlf file, everything went smoothly.

Looking for advice,


System info:
Cafetran: Akua 2018
Java: Mac 9.0.4
I have the same problem from time to time, especially when I load a few big glossaries.
I try to bypass it by closing the big glossaries before closing CT and, after CT opening, I open the glossaries manually, one by one. And it works for me.
It leads me to a suspicion that CT try to open glossaries and other resources at once, in parallel, and they interfere each other in some way (but it is just my suspicion only, I have no idea how it works...)



As you have reported, this may be related to the size of a resource. I don't doubt it, but I don't believe the size of RAM assigned is an issue. I already assigned 9GB of RAM, and this should be more than enough.

Given that this issue did not happen before upgrading to the latest Java version, Java may be the cause.


One possibility with large resources is the way Java assigns memory for CafeTran. It has the initial size which is expanded when needed. During the expansion, the execution of the program stops for a while so perhaps what you experience is a pause in execution to assign more memory after the initial size has been reached.

Dear Igor,
It is not my case - now, I am waiting for 20 minutes, since CT stopped. The only way out is to use Task Manager to kill the java process.
The glossaries I called "big" are 0.3-0.7 MB.



1. What are your CafeTran and Java versions? See it in the Help > About panel? Can you see 64-bit Java there?

2. How much Java memory have you assigned for CafeTran? See it in Edit > Preferences > Memory > Java memory field.

3. Does it occur when opening the program with no web resources at all? Maybe one of your web resources causes it?

CafeTran Espresso 2017102701
1.8.0J61 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

8GB RAM, task manager reports 8,54

the only WEB resource I use are deepl and MyMemory
In the procees other tabs are involved  also, e.g. Matchoboard or Frequent Words (eg. they are visible not on the final places, but as the tabs).

And - maybe it is important, the check/uncheck of the resources at the dashboard doesn't work - they are unchecked, but CT try to open them.

 After you complete all your current projects, please update CT to its latest 2018 version. Also, I am not sure about the 8GB of RAM. What exactly did you set in Edit > Preferences > Memory tab > Java memory field?

8192 MB
And yes, I will upgrade CT, I will have a short brake with my projects.


IK: One possibility with large resources is the way Java assigns memory for CafeTran.

Now I don't use glossaries (of the tab del type) at all, so maybe I'm completely wrong, but I thought that unlike TMX files, TXT files (tab dels and databases) were not imported/opened in the RAM, so what has "the way Java assigns memory for CafeTran" to do with the problem?


 Glossary text files are loaded to RAM just like TMX memory files.

I made the experience that DeepL tends to be quite ressource-hungry, especially at start-up or quite suddenly when open, but not used. Maybe it is the culprit and/or activate it only via the Resources menu.

Maybe there is some config to limit the RAM use of the web resources (what in other cases could also be counter-productive, I assume).

 The new build (2018013001) is available for download that improves parallel loading of multiple resources at the project's start. Please repeat the update of CafeTran Espresso 2018 Akua from here.

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