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Term recognition death match (no accents this time)

 I would like to have "installations de chauffage" recognized:


But it does not work as (my guess) CT recognizes here another term before ("des installations", with the setting "Longest match only"):


What are my possibilites here?

  1. keep it as it is – simply bad luck
  2. and/or insert "des installations de chauufage" into the glossary
  3. make CafeTran show both terms
  4. make CafeTran compare the source term's length and display only the longer one

As you might guess, 3 and 4 are my favorites, if this is not too bad for performance.

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Take a look at your sentence or any longer one. Then, count the number of possibilities which your matching proposal would involve in the whole sentence. This would be really a wide range! Then, you can imagine the mess in the glossary pane, and which of those countless possibilities would be appropriate to pick for auto-autoassembling out of the resulted chaos. There needs to be some method and order here. In this case, simply select your phrase with the mouse and use the shortcut (or the Glossary button) to search for the missing phrase.

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