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Project list when opening an external xlf file

Yesterday I opened two custom xlf files (from a client-specific solution, no idea what technique is behind it).

Anyway, in the project list on the dashboard, these files do not have an entry with their name as such (as would be expected, e.g. example.xlf), but only with the directory name where these files where located (e.g. Project_XY). Though they had the same directory name, the right file opened when selecting this entry.

I do not know if this happens with any other file format. At least the files are treated correctly, as the re-import works fine.

Service: It is a file from "okapi-framework:xliff-extensions".

Anway, this should not happen, though I assume this might happen with any "free" or "loose" xlf file, no matter where it's from, as it assumes we are opening a CT project folder (then the behavior above makes perfect sense).

Any chance to find a solution?
2nd service: Only to make it clear – the folder name above mentioned was in reality "Downloads", nothing with "Project" in its name.


That's an expected procedure. Files with .xlf extension are treated as CT projects, with the folder being the name of the project. Just place your .xlf file into a separate folder. That's even highly recommended since this is where CT places ProjectTM and ProjectTerms for external projects.


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