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Better tracking changes view for fuzzy source segments in Matchboard

Is just me the one who find almost impossible to quickly see what's "added" and what's "removed" form fuzzy source segments in Matchboard?

I cannot almost use that feature cause I spend like four times longer for understand what should I change from a good fuzzy, don't know if you understand me.

I thing it would be better/logical having a classic tracking changes formatting here, like the way Word/memoQ/Trados/OmegaT does, putting in green what's added and putting interlined and red (or whatever) what's removed, so that we can quickly see what needs tweeking.

For example, in my screenshot the word "exemplary" is in the targed memory match but not in the actual source segment SO, having it interlined (or whatever else) I could quickly know that "ejemplares" (in Spanish) should be removed from the match.


If you have the "Prefix matching" option enabled for translation memories, CT cannot highlight the differences in full words.


It worked Igor, thanks! Not that much intuitive thou.

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