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REQ: Insert Fuzzy match without Match repair (or revert it)

A little extension of this here:

It would be nice to have a dynamic choice in form of a shortcut to apply a fuzzy match with everything of CafeTran magic (changing numbers, known terms etc.) or to apply a fuzzy match barely (barely, without any change). This could also be a kind of "make the magic revert" command after inserting the fuzzy match (I am speaking here of the pretty good matches > 70 %).


  • Sometimes Match repair or whatever does not work properly, or CT puzzles numbers if the order of the number has been changed etc. (notabene: theses features will naturally never work perfect, but can always be optimized)
  • Then it is is sometimes faster to insert the bare match and make the necessary changes instead of inserting the changed match and to modify it.
  • I can change the behavior in the Preferences, but this is static.
  • you can mark the text in the matchbar or in the TM pane to insert it. Cumbersome, especially for longer matches, and the mark/insert feature is an feature mostly for the happy few advanced users (Igor dixit).
  • you can mark the text in the matchbar or in the TM pane, copy and paste it. Cumbersome again.

Can you count such shortcuts with good matches above 70%? And they would need to be added to the interface too. The thing is that CT is saturated with cross-platform shortcuts. Of course, one can device four finger shortcuts but it goes against the intuitive and simple interface philosophy. You can use the uncorrected fuzzy matches from TM panes as quickly via a mouse click or selection.


I see the point, but I still have dozens of shortcuts available - on Mac (even a bit more, with Cmd, Alt & Ctrl) and on Windows.

In most cases only the best match is concerned (which is the one that is inserted automatically, if good enough). Maybe a shortcut to revert a match to its „bare“ version would be easier to implement.


Or maybe a symbol in the target editor (it won't be overloaded and remain quite slim by this) an/or a menu command (to control this command with external tools, KMS rules) for this would be a perhaps more realistic nice-to-have.


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