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Removing incorrect auto suggestions under Mac OSX

Can someone please remind me of the keyboard shortcut for removing items that automatically appear as suggested translation segments?

I've obviously mistyped a few things in the past and now when entering something like "data" I get the usual prompt with a variety of suggested auto completions that includes things like "data protection" and "data sujbect". Naturally, I'd like to delete "data sujbect" as I've misspelt this and would like to remove it.


Forget it. I just found it.

It's ctrl+shift+R

Will: It's ctrl+shift+R

But is that permanent? I was going to suggest: Search your resources for sujbect, and correct the instance(s) you'll find.


Should be permanent.

Remove from auto-completion list = Remove the highlighted suggestion from the auto-completion drop-down list. Just navigate to the suggestion you wish to remove (using the up or down arrow keys, or via a single left click) and press Ctrl+Shift+R.

Found in the Keyboard shortcuts section of CafeTran Espresso - Preferences reference document. 

Jean: Should be permanent.

As far as I understand, CafeTran compiles the list per project based on the available resources for that project. So I think removing an entry from the AC-list is only "permanent" for the current project. However, since the entry is still in the resources, it may show up in new projects. I therefore suggest to do both, remove from current project list, and correct in resources. Correct me permanently if I'm wrong.


Thanks for everyone's input. I found the answer a few minutes after I posted my initial query (see above).

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