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REQ: Add Hit to glossary

Shouldn't there be a possibility to

  1. add a hit to a glossary?
  2. add a hit to another TM?
  3. add (virtual) fragments to glossaries/other TMs?

See here:


A simple kind of :arrow_right: or something like this right after HITS would be great, with the possibility to choose either TMs or TBs (similar to "Frequent words").

Alternative/Extension: The "Add to another TM" could also be added to the dialogue box that opens when clicking on a number (this is a very simple example, but you see there is plenty of space.


This proposal as a whole would also be a good extension for virtual matches that never have a number.

Make the first proposal in a year: checked.

Some more interactions between the TBs:
I can click on a TB entry to edit it. But:
  • It would be nice to have a part of the "add term" interface to easily add/interchange a IATE term to my personal TB (or from my personal TB to a client TB etc. pp.).
  • What about drag and drop term pairs between different tabs?

One more question:

  • Some hits and segments make totally sense, some in certain contexts, others not at all. Would there be any possibility to discard the third ones totally? Actually I can only delete the whole segment of a hit. Or would this kind of learning effect create a memory issue?
One more thing: This feature can even be extended by easier transferring Terms to the Memory.

  • Client TM
  • General TB with a couple of longer phrases
  • import of the whole TB into the TM does not make sense (pipes and RegEx entries – or are they automatically removed?)

Wouldn't a kind of Save to for the "Edit term" window of single terms then make sense?


Or imagine a "Add term" window where the term can automatically be co-saved into the opened TM windows (perhaps even the TR table), that then are shown with a bit bigger distance and their checkboxes on the same dialogue box!

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