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REQ: Protecting certain elements of Grid

 I would like to request that the following elements of the Grid be protected from being copied and pasted when the user clicks on them. Currently, characters or numbers can be transferred from these sections to the target segment if clicking involves micro-movement of the mouse.




Seconded in general, but i also see the diificulties.

I assume this is due to the chosen technique for this feature, as also anything in the TM tabs (e.g. HITS, FM, VM) gets copied, too. This on the other hand side is great in browser tabs.

I do not have this problem with mouse micro-movements.


The real problem is that because clicking on any of these UI elements means moving to another segment, if such unintended copying has occurred in the segment you just left, it is highly possible that you are not aware of it.

On the other hand, if the same thing happens from a resource pane, you will notice it immediately because it happens in the current segment.


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