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REQ: Better colors for Quick search bar

This is what the quick search bar looks like – sometimes:


Of course, this is pretty unfair, a not so ideal angle etc. pp. But simply screw up your eyes a bit and you will have problems to distinguish the elements.

There are beside the arrows two dark green elements at the left (why do they have the same color?), then a very dark brown, a dark blue and a middle green.

It would be nice to have a bigger fonts here (without changing the rest of the UI fonts at the same time) or simply to have colors that are easier to distinguish.

Yes, the UI should not be as colorful as a pizzeria, but maybe there could be a more intuitive™ (distinguishable) solution.

BTW: With one of the last updates (ot with an unintended shortcut) the quick seacrh bar has gone. How do I make it show up again?


Found it: Edit > Quick search ...

Not unlogical, but I'd search rather under the View menu …


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