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REQ: Ctrl-Click to insert whole segment from grid

I want to insert a whole segment from the grid (as there is no match displayed), it this sometimes a bit cumbersome:

- You need to copy and paste it with exact pointing of the mouse (to not include the source segment)

- You take the "advanced" mode (for me this is basic and one of the many benefits CT offers) and let insert anything marked with the mouse. But again, pointing and dragging is cumbersome, as the mouse does not automatically stop at the source segment, or there is no insertion, as you have marked a bit of the borders.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a mouse command (Ctrl-click, Alt-Click or sth different) on the segment in the grid or its number to insert exactly this segment into the target editor?

This is rather often the case in French (with the accents, e.g. a nightmare when coming for Keywords, although it is stupid nowadays to use both alternatives) or I assume also from Polish, Portuguese etc. pp.

Another example:

Sa sœur est boulangère à Nîmes.

Sa soeur est boulangere a Nimes.

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