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REQ: Recognize a match value without seeing TM/Matchboard

Is there any way to distinguish whether an inserted match is a 100 or 101 match or maybe "only" a 80 % match without having the TM or matchboard at sight?

At least the somehow optical confirmation of 101 % matches could speed up processes with files that have a high match or repetition rate (less eye movement, faster conformation). Although for internal reps there is the red asterisk.

Similar to this, for the same type of files the following command would make sense:

Confirm and mark all repeated segments as checked (not only as translated) (optimally to be chosen when confirming, not in the Preferences, so this could be decided from case to case).

Strange, the symbol below only appeared in another project, but not this morning.



Is there any limitation in their use (file format, external file)? Would it make sense to have fuzzies marked or even differentiated (eg. 95 to 99% different from the rest)?

Is there any limitation in their use (file format, external file)

The match values are not stored in non-CafeTran project as it would break them. Otherwise, you should be able to see them for the current session unless the projects provide their own values. 

a small indicator with the highest fuzzy match percentage for a given segment, located e.g. in the top left -hand corner of the source target editor, would be welcome, indeed.
Sometimes you start typing in the target segment editor just to find out that there is a high percentage fuzzy match in the matchboard.




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