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BUG: Glossary term not shown (due to pipe?)

I have 2 entries in the glossary (the 2nd with a trailing pipe character):

cabezal      Werkzeugkopf

cabezal|      Druckkopf

At all occurences of "Cabezal", in the glossary tab, only number one is shown, number two not. 

Should this be the case?

(and BTW, how do I optionally hide the pipe character in the glossary tab? Wasn't there an option somewhere?).

It works as expected here. Note that the purpose of the pipes characters in the middle (or the end) of the word is to match roots so your second terms should also match all the words containing "cabezal".

There is no such an option to hide the pipe character. I think CafeTran should display why a particular word has been matched.

> so your second terms should also match all the words containing "cabezal".

Yes, but as I said, it doesn't. Or did you mean „should only match“ or that it needs to be cabezal + one letter more?

Concerning the hiding of the pipe character, yes, maybe you are right. But sometimes it irritates, as it may be confunded with l (small L) or I (big i) e.g.
  • still|
  • ahoi|
This also depends on font type and font size. It would not be a good move to replace the pipe character by any other (e.g. *), neither in the glossray file itself nor on the display, but maybe it would be better to color it and/or make it bold. Examples (all in bold):
  • still|
  • MODI| (Freshdesk does not offer many light grrens)
  • kill| (yellow, hard to see on white)
  • PANINI| (red would be too eye-catching)
  • wall| (grey)
Yes, yet another color, and complicating the coding, I assume.

Yes, but as I said, it doesn't.

Check if it concerns this one term only. Perhaps there is some invisible character preventing a correct recognition. You can submit ticket with your "cabezal" glossary to check if that piped term can be matched. 

I only noted this by accident, as I tend to insert most terms with pipes.

Before submitting a ticket:
The project (a SDL package) is es-x-mo-SDL to de-DE (yes, stupid PMs). The glossary (and so is term 1) is es-ES to de-DE. First line in the glossary (where both terms are in) is
#es-ES    #de-DE    #Context    #Subject    #Notes

Term 2 does not figure in any other column than es-ES. When adding a term, the field is labelled with "es-x-mo-SDL".

Could this be a hint?

es-x-mo-SDL to de-DE (yes, stupid PMs).

That's a possible cause of your source term not finding the right source-language column in the glossary.

Yes, but it finds term 1, that is es-ES for sure. I cannot exclude another glossary setting, of course. Ticket submitted.


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