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iWork Pages (.pages) file filter not working


When creating the CafeTran Espresso - File formats reference document, I’ve tested the iWork Pages file filter and would like to report it does not seem to work.

I have used the sample document the Apple kbase article Create ePub files in Pages -, which can be found at

Obviously, something happens, since a dialog is displayed, but no segments are loaded.

As per the note in the old wiki (To translate Apple Pages documents, you will have to save these documents in the older Pages '09 file format), I have also exported the file to the Pages '09 format (Import and export different file formats with Pages -

Now the dialog has a populated file (index.xml, see attached screenshot), but no document is loaded.

The '09 Pages file can be downloaded here:

My guess is that Numbers and Keynotes may also be affected by this.


I downloaded that .pages document and could not edit it in Pages too. It seems that the program lets the user view it only. However, when I added some text to the contents, this editable text is presented for translation in CafeTran. Of course, the prior conversion of the document to 09 version via the iWork's Convert menu is needed as the they switched to the binary format. 

Hello Igor,

Thank you for checking this out.

I am not sure I understood the steps to make it work.

If I drag and drop the index.xml file, it is properly recognized using the XML filter.

What do one need to do to add text to contents, so that the editable text is presented for translation, when using the iWork .pages filter in CafeTran?

The sample document is not blank, but already features content, it should be identical to the one offered in in that respect (but exported to the '09 pages version).


CT can't handle the current Pages (Numbers, keynote) files. The should be converted to Pages 09. I think the only way to do that is by... using Pages.


In my tests, I did the conversion on an actual Mac running OS X (10.10 I think) and converted the document to '09 version using a newer version of Pages.

I was not able to use directly CT's filter for the document (converted to a Pages '09 version), hence this post!

No problems here. See converted attachment (xml)


(118 KB)

Thank you Hans, confirming this example worked in CT for me as well. Maybe my test conversion did not happen correctly. Since I don't have easy access to a Mac, this is much appreciated.

I will update the File formats document accordingly.


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