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Existing file filters: KWord (.kwd) - not working/obsolete


When creating the CafeTran Espresso - File formats reference document, I’ve tested the KWord file filter and would like to report it does not seem to work.

KWord is a deprecated word processor and a desktop publishing application, part of the KOffice suite and the KDE desktop environment (GNU/Linux). It has been obsoleted by Calligra Words of the Calligra Suite (which uses other file formats for saving its projects, and does not support KWord files). KOffice had seen no development activity since mid-March 2012.

KWord being obsolete, I’ve tried saving a file with the .kwd extension using AbiWord, another text processing application which offers a KWord import and export file filter.

CafeTran shows a blank project (no segments, no error either) when using the KWord file filter with the resulting file.

My suggestion: Since this file extension refers to an obsolete software, I think it can be safely removed.

In the unlikely event a user still needs to translate a KWord file, you should simply convert it via AbiWord or other means.


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Okay, the KWord filter has been removed in the latest build. Thanks!

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