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REQ: Ignore segment - source to target, set as checked and locked without confirming, and go to next unconfirmed segment

Isn't this one of the actions we are still missing. E. g. this boring stuff at the beginning of some Studio files:


Other examples (in native files):

  • this kind of „there are some chunks of Chinese in the file, please ignore them“ (that I do not want in the TM, of course, and I do not want to works halfanhour extra to sort them out in the source file).
  • work sheet titles in Excel files
  • adress elements
  • any other unnecessary stuff

I can work this out, actually, but with a l.ot of clicks and ados.

Maybe this command can be sorted out as Ignore segment (ideally with a shortcut)

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Just one more thing: it would be nice to have these ignored segements optionally left out from
  • bilingual files, just to speed up a proofreading process (why should I proofread segments where source and target are the same
  • QA, just to avoid to have them listed in the source = target QA
  • the internal spell checking
Sure, there is a certain danger remaining (misspells in addresses), and a "Ignore segment" command would have to be used with caution (as many other commands), but this is why this should only be optionally left out. And no, the fact that they would be excluded anyway from HTML export as locked segments would not be the same.


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