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Ctrl+C, +V, +Z do not work anymore

I noticed that these keyboard shortcuts did work when CafeTran was started, but within a minute or two they no longer responded (i.e. I couldn`t paste or copy things when doing my translation, etc.).

I have to manually reboot my Ubuntu 16.04, and then the story repeats. 

Is it a bug of Cafetran? Any thoughts would be more than welcome. Thank you!

I don't experience such an issue running CafeTran on Ubuntu 17.10. Try increasing memory for Java from default 1024 to 2048 in Edit > Preferences > Memory > Java memory size. 

Well, did that, and sometimes this functionality "returns", so, I assume that this is a general glitch of Ubuntu 16.04, or my specific system.

SOLVED. That was my app for automatic switching between keyboard layouts for Russian and English. When it stops suddenly, Ctrl +V (as well as other Ctrl combinations) stops working. Which means it has nothing to do with Cafetran. SOLVED.

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