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REQ: Refresh filter

When using the search bar, I can enter the term "vehicle" as I want to replace it with "car". Let us assume there are 100 occurrences of "vehicle" to be replaced manually. Now wouldn't it be nice to have a feature "Refresh filter" (with shortcut) to get a new oversight after replacing the first 30 times. Or let's assume I want to see if I really got all occurrences.

Simply clicking again on the same search bar button (another intuitive action) leads to erratic actions (another word is filtered etc.), at least on Mac. Simply clicking it twice does not do any harm (nothing happens), but as soon as I have filtered and click on segments numbers or anywhere else (not marking) any other word is transferred to the search bar and filtered.

I think what you describe is possible, but it requires the use of Advance Search (Find and Replace), that you call via Ctrl+F or Cmd+F, at least to get the options right.

I'm not sure you're using this to do it.

Here's what I suggest you try:

- Preferences > Workflow > Clipboard sensitive target = make sure this is not enabled. Sounds like it is. Anything that goes into clipboard initiates a search.

- Open Find and Replace. Make sure the following is ON:

  • Whole words (if you want to search complete words)
  • Match case as needed
  • Most importantly: Multiple filter
  • Search operators
Now, I usually leave this OFF, but you can set Segment filter to ON as well, as it applies the filter directly to th FIND search. If you set it to OFF, filtering can still be done in Searches via the Filter link in the segments grid. It's your call.

Now, as you say, you want to replace "vehicle" with "car" in the target segments. You wish to have control over which occurrences you will replace, and update the results after replacing a few entries:

Enter "vehicle" in Find and "car" in Replace field. 

Select Project target segments as Default scope.

Optional preparation: Press FIND, and click the link FILTER, to check how many results there are (If segment filter if OFF). Remove filter. If you don't care to count, just don't filter/unfilter and go to next step.

- Either:

  • Use EDIT & REPLACE button. That's what I suggest you use. What it does: It Filters all instances of text corresponding to Find box content and replace them interactively with the text of the Replace box. Changes are only committed after reviewing/editing the segments. Segments grid highlights the changeEven without Segment filters, this indeed Filters the result.


  • Use FIND and filter, replacing manually each item.

So go on through a few segments, replacing when needed.

Stop. Now make a new FIND search to check the remaining instances (FILTERING if needed), or an EDIT & REPLACE, again (you'll simply need to add the "car" in the REPLACE field).

The filtered segments will get updated with only the current occurrences.

I guess you can use Quick search bar for this, but this is not a Quick search, it's a more advanced operation as you'll need to make adjustments to the search, so Find and Replace (Advanced Search) window is recommended.

One last note: anything you select in source or target gets copied to the Quick Search bar, but not to the Find and Replace window (at least with the above settings). An additional reason to use that dialog for such operations.


No, thanks for your effort (and maybe a too complicated procedure for a simple action), but this is not a solution:
  • Preferences > Workflow > Clipboard sensitive target is disabled
  • the Search bar (or Quick search bar, as you name it) should IMHO be the right tool
  • the S/R field is too big for a quick search (it clutters the interface) and it still remains always in the foreground, so it is not the tool of first choice (instead a kind of unfolding search bar with a superposing/hover effect at the top would be a nice-to-have, dialogue fields are so retro...)
  • BTW, the settings of the S/R field remain active in the background, this is absolutely annoying as long as you are not aware of this

Sorry for the complex procedure, I failed to assume how you conduct your searches to make it simpler.

I totally understand your preference for the Search bar.

If you only use FIND (not the Edit & Replace, as I suggested), I think you can still use the Quick search bar for your search/filtering and manual replace (+ updating search), but still need to tweak your search settings before doing that.

Once you filter segments (or once you use Edit & Replace), you can close the Find and Replace window.

The advantage of the Find and Replace dialog being that selections are not copied to the search field.

But without tweaking search settings, the Search bar would not be able to accommodate different search types. Don't you think?

As for the dialog size, maybe it is a matter of having CT handle better lower screen resolutions for this dialog window?

Here's a screenshot of 1920*1080 on a laptop. 



Hm, it's not about the size, though the field takes about 1/7 of the whole screen (also here) - that's rather big, though quite practical for replacing big segments (but not needed in 99 % of the cases, perhaps a pop-up or a drag-to-resize feature to get bigger text fields would be great, making the normal size much smaller). Openoffice has a really lean search bar nowadays.

The big disadvantage of the search bar in its current development state is that after filtering any other word is transferred to the search bar and filtered, only because I clicked on segments numbers or anywhere else (but not marked anything). Can you reproduce this on Linux? Merci d'avance.


I cannot exactly reproduce the issue.

When selecting text in the source or target segments, it gets copied to the Search bar (This behavior could be made optional if it is not practical.)

But the text is not filtered, and I just tried selecting text from the grid or selecting a segment number, it did not get copied there.

One culprit would be Find and Replace > Filter segments = tick it OFF and retry.

Otherwise, other than Preferences > Workflow > Clipboard sensitive target > Look up (should be OFF) [you said it was already off], don't see what could cause that.

Igor, any ideas?

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