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REQ: Alternative numbering in filtered views

Wouldn't it make sense to have the filtered view:

  1. with the original segment number in parenthesis below the filtered view number?
  2. or only with the the original segment number?

I would prefer 1, as 2 might be too confusing. Any comments?

Possible advantages

  • better orientation
  • less hassle e.g. filtering and looking for one acronym or word I would like to explain at its first occurrence (in case of filtering by length and/or cascaded filtering)

Possible disavantages

  • even option 1 might be too confusing
  • assuming that these numbers are in two rows, more horizontal space neede for one line segments (but only in the grid, and only in filtered view)

I would like number 2 better. I like to know where the segments are located with respect to the whole document.

The only other info I would need might be the total number of occurrences.

This has been solved with the 2018 release. Note that you need to filter (not only search).



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