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How about integration into the GUI?

Thanks Jean! I've made this topic sticky here on the forums. Your docs are also linked and exposed as a separate section in the Knowledge Base here.

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For an eventual implementation, it would be better to point to the official knowledge base and integrate relevant descriptions in one or more kbase articles. Igor, feel free to use content from the Preferences reference document.

Will try to update the docs in the next few months.

Provided that Jean agrees, of course.


Would it be possible to add links to the URLs that describe menus and dialogues to these GUI elements, inside the CafeTran software? So when the user has opened Preferences > Propagation, and clicks the help button, she will be guided to Jean’s description of that page.

The Reference documents have been updated for CafeTran Espresso 11 - Poppy Seed Roll.

Fresh PDFs have been generated as well for offline reference (you can also download the Markdown files).

Please note the Project Templates document is currently still being updated. The revised version will be online in a few days.

Notice anything off or that could be added in one of the existing files?

Now is a good time to contribute You can raise an Issue at the GitHub repository, send me a ProZ message, or comment here (but Igor may later clean up the section as done in the past).

Happy (Cafe)Translating

The Reference documents have been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2020 (10.7.2).

The Reference documents have been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2019 - Croissant 10.0 (20190117). New PDFs have been uploaded as well.

Next update scheduled in five months or so.

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You're welcome! 

Gnome 3 it is :-)

Title bar height can be tweaked, but the default is quite big indeed.

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I have been reading the docs and I must say THANKS! Even If I'm a long term CT user, the tips are really useful!

Jean: THOSE huge tittlebars from Gnome 3 (?) :P!

I really appreciate your great efforts!


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