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 A CafeTran translator, Jean Dimitriadis, has created the following reference documents on the latest version of CafeTran:

  1. CafeTran Espresso - Preferences.
  2. CafeTran Espresso - Menu and Interface.
  3. CafeTran Espresso - Translation Memory Options.
  4. CafeTran Espresso - ChangeLog.

Thanks Jean!

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Thank you, tre.

OK, I will have to give it some more thought on my end, but I’m leaning towards a Wiki solution.

With this solution it is possible to:

- use Markdown all the way, since it is rendered directly as HTML in GitHub

- enjoy an uncluttered interface, which is light on resources, and viewable on mobile devices as well

- edit and publish files directly via, OK I can also edit files in Atom and publish them via Git or a Git client. 

- organize the files in the form of a Wiki

- upload additional files (apart from the .md ones), such as PDF and EPUB versions, PDF files being viewable directly

- achieve collaboration (collaborators can make commits, users can discuss issues, etc.)

- this will be a public repository, meaning it can easily be forked at any point, no bus factor risks involved

- GitHub is a durable platform

- This change involves minimum adjustments on my end: For now, this mostly boils down to: check that GitHub Markdown flavor is used in my files, create TOCs to include inside the files for easy navigation, fix some cross-reference URLs, etc.

Since will be closing, I have migrated my files to GitHub. They are now called TheCafeTranFiles and can be found here:

I have added a Table of Content on the top of each file, to make navigation easier.

Users can report issues/suggest edits here: (only related to the reference documents, not intended for CafeTran support) or just send me a ProZ message.

Anyone wishing to collaborate and get editing rights to the wiki (you only need to create a GitHub account and write in Markdown, no coding or Git knowledge required) is welcome to contact me through my ProZ profile.

In the future, or if this solution is not deemed practical, I may consider creating a WordPress website ( or something) since I already have a hosting plan.

Feedback is welcome. Is the new home any better? Do you think the GitHub URLs can be used and shared instead of

I have added a note to the files hosted at, with a link pointing to the new Wiki location, and made an announcement on as well.

The files will be kept up to date at


New reference document on Project templates.

New reference document targeted at beginners: CafeTran Espresso - Getting comfortable.

Other documents have seen updates as well.

The Reference documents (aka TheCafeTranFiles) receive regular updates every two or three months.

They have now been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2018 - Akua Update 10. New PDFs have been uploaded as well.

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The Reference documents have been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2018 - Akua Update 11 build 2018082501. New PDFs have been uploaded as well.

Next update will bring more consequent changes.

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The Reference documents have been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2019 - Forerunner build 2018110802. New PDFs have been uploaded as well.

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