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Line spacing in the grid

It is rather seldom to get paragraphs or segments with line spacing before the paragraph inside CT segments.

Nevertheless, this is what happended to me:


The line spacing (before the paragraph) that is reflected in the grid is not there in the source segment editor. As the project contains a whole bunch of carriage returns inside the segments, this is even more irritating.

Indeed this is a complicated format: a Studio project with a json file inside that has HTML entities and carriage returns (that are not segmented in Studio, no idea how this is possible).

But this line spacing before the paragraph should not be reflected in the grid, should it?

The grid should show new lines, which is especially useful when one works in the Paper or Clipboard workflow.

Buth there are no new lines. no "\n", no carriage return. I will send it via a ticket.


Forget about the ticket. This is what it looks like in a text editor:


This in combination with "Hide boundary tags".
Should or could CT here behave different with these soft returns? I am not sure.


If CT would get rid of those returns, you might not be able to open the file in the original tool that created the file. It depends on that tool how it interprets them.

It is not about getting rid of them, but more probably about not displaing them in the grid or – alternatively – display them in the segments editor. Simply to have the view in the grid and in the editor consistent. This is what it looks like with "Hide segment boundary tags" disabled:


I do not have a "ready in the box" proposal for this. Maybe a pure hint in any kind of documentation or FAQ would be sufficient.
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