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CT freezes, dashboard "retracts"

Hi CT users,

I'm having some problems since the last update (Yeddi update 23):

1. the dashboard slighly "retracts" vertically (glossaries and other ressources wander upwards towards translation memories and free web ressources) each time I close a project;

2. CT sometimes freezes when loading a project. 

Does anyone have an explanation?

Can the freeze be caused buy DeepL?

Or by my Java version (1.8.0_144, 64 bit)?

Thanks for helping out.


1. It occurs when you close the project returning to the Dashboard. The panel dividers go up. It is fixed in the coming Yeddi update 26.

2. website may sometimes freeze Java internal web browser on Mac OS. Try updating your Java to its new version Java 9 (



Thanks Igor, your reactivity becomes legendary!

Hi CT users,

This post is intended to keep you informed.

Update 26 fixed the shifting dashboard issue (which was not really a problem, but still).

I have not yet updated Java 8 to Java 9. This decision is not mine to take. CT does not freeze anymore when opening or creating a project without ticking DeepL on the dashboard. I activate it when the project is opened and deactivate it just before closing the project.

So, for now, no more frost and bright and sunny translating!

Thanks, Igor

Okay, thanks for the info!


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