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REQ: Total Recall TM temporarily saved

When working with Total Recall TMs, it is somehow annoying that CT "forgets" the TM as soon as the project is closed. Noow you have the following options

  • Save TM manually. This is the conventional way, though there are some limitations (are they still valid?). Also the commands "Save memory as" or "Save all memories" do not work, especially when the TR-TM tab is joined. Disadvantages: not so easy handling, "polluting your HD", though there might be possibilities to automate the deletion of the folder content where this kind of TMs resides. Possible solution: One more menu entry in the right click menu with "Save TR TM as.."
  • Create TR-TM always when opening a project. Disadvantage: Time-consuming.
  • Save TM temporarily and keep it in a hidden folder for x days or until finishing a project. It is always reopened with the project. Disadvantages: one more information saved in the XLF.

Using TR-TMs is an advanced feature, but a kind o must for anybody with huge TMs (though the LogiTerm approach Michael commented is  promising, but Windows-only, and I still did only few steps towards TM-Town).

What do you think?

If you are on Windows, and can afford LogiTerm, I highly recommend trying my Logiterm workflow, as I have yet to find a better way to pre-translate against really large TMs / TM collections. 

Total Recall is interesting, and I am still testing it now and then, but the TMXs LogiTerm's LogiTrans spits out when pre-translating are always way smaller and more focused than using Total Recall in CafeTran. 

Not to mention LogiTerm is insanely useful as a a single tool to organise massive termbase + TM collections, and of course also for concordance searching and term searching. OK, I'll shut up about LT now as this is a CT forum. 

I read your psoting about LogiTerm, and I found it rather useful.

However, I am mostly on Mac, and I prefer to find Windows-independent solutions (though I find it compelling to test it out on my notebook). I think Logiterm won't run under Crossover what might be a good compromise.

Did you ever try/compare TM-Town? My (yet) weal internet connection does not allow me to take full advantage of that, though I assume a server will never be as quick as a standalone tool will be.


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