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Away with "External Tools (macros, scripts, regular expressions)"

Igor, I want you to get rid of the forum header mentioned above. I think I have some pretty good reasons:

  • Macros, scripts, regular expressions can be very useful, but the use of them is absolutely not essential for the functioning of CafeTran, and mentioning them frequently may even chase some (if not al) people away
  • As I said, they can be useful, but since they are more often than not operating system dependent, I suggest they should be filed under the OS header, or only mentioned in other subject headers if you know the OP uses that particular OS
  • Macros, scripts, and regular expressions that require paid solutions should be forbidden, unless you know the OP bought them.
  • The last reason is the least important one, but arguably also the most annoying. I will chase anyone who poisons this forum with "great" macros that he didn't write himself for a single digit audience relentlessly. You know who I have in mind.


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I think that it's not going to happen, Woorden ...

Many nice ideas are introduced here via a macro first (e.g. the masking of sensitive data).

Please try to get over your hatred against me and some other people here. It'll get you peace of mind.

Lenting: I think that it's not going to happen

Let me do the thinking. I'm good at it.

Anyway, it's Igor's decision.

And as you know, I'm not against scripting at all. I simply don't want it to be dominant, and more specifically, I don't want it to be directed to less than say 1% of the CT users. And I bet it's not much more. Again, Igor probably has a better indication of it.


Lenting: I think that you know the answer already

And again, leave the thinking to me. Also because you don't seem to be aware of the consequences. My advice:


Good morning, dear Hans!

I think that it's a very good idea to concentrate all these topics in a dedicated forum. I have to agree with Igor on this!

The other forums can stay 'clean' of all the tech talk ;).

Dear Hans van den Broek,

You wrote:

>Macros, scripts, regular expressions can be very useful, but the use of them is absolutely not essential for the functioning of CafeTran

On second (and third) thought I have to agree with you!

Not because of the reasons you mention but because of the possible interference that macro tools can have with CafeTran as a non-native application on OS X (and Windows).

Perhaps the problems that I'm having now with the keyboard shortcut ALT+LEFT/RIGHT stop responding after a certain time, can be the consequence of my using TextExpander, Keyboard Maestro and other utility programs.

So you were right. (And I don't hate to admit that. Hatred is bad.)

However, your saying that this forum isn't about being nice to each other and that political correctness isn't needed and for the benefit of all and free communication (the latter being my addition) is something that I don't want to accept.

So this probably means that I shouldn't post in these forums anymore.

One other point where you where right: the TMX is the most basic forum for storage of anything: segments and terms. Glossaries add another layer of complexity and can only be interesting for advanced users.

It took me some time (years) to get there but now I can see the advantages of one file format for everything. (That I'll keep using glossaries myself doesn't mean that I don't agree with you.)

Hans, let me close this posting by stating that I feel very intimidated by your outbursts and that I'm questioning my involvement here and at Proz to support CafeTran as a great app.

Good luck and health to you!


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