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1. Psst! I'm Not Who You Think I Am -- Masking Data  (Premium Edition)
I was speaking remotely at a conference in Argentina last weekend when one of the participants asked in the Q&A session what machine translation technology providers have to do to make their technology more usable to translators. I can think of a number of things they could do, but another group that can do just as much is translation environment tools developers. So that's what I answered instead. (One of the benefits of speaking remotely is that no one can beat you up afterward, so I figured it was OK not to answer the question too pedantically...)
The point is this: There is a lot of data from many different sources that we can access with our translation environments. Yes, there are many issues that still need to be "solved," not the least of which is privacy (let alone accuracy of the suggestions that come from machine translation). But there are many ways that even those concerns can be "remedied" or at least helped by the way we access the data. I have often written about the advantage of extracting data from MT suggestions on the subsegment level, but the examples below show that there are other ways to deal with data creatively -- and I'm sure there are many other ways even beyond those. That's exactly what I mean when I say that translation environment providers bear a great part of the burden to come up with better ways to get to better data.
So this week I looked into different ways that translation environment tools -- and especially plugins to such tools -- provide for masking data before sending it to machine translation engines. And I'm glad to report that there are some interesting developments.

Is it about CafeTran? ;)

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Nice that Jost noticed it too, that good ideas are being added to CafeTran.

I cannot count the number of ideas that Michael and other valued users have contributed. Many weren't implemented, but the most were. 

In my opinion this user participation is indeed what makes CafeTran great (and constantly developing in the good direction) and keeps me posting here–inspite of numerous attacks by a person who seems to have lost his good manours. 

These attacks have nothing to do with an 'academic dispute' or something along that lines. They are just a demonstration of great personal frustration and blind hatred.

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