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 Is there a way to tell CT that values like 25% and 50% require a space in German so that it automatically inserts a non-breaking space  between 25 and %?



What's the SL, Wolfgang? It's them friggin' commas and dots, you see.


Hi Hans, it's EN_US, Korean flavour


Forgive my ignorance, still much to learn, but where's that screenshot from?


Wolfgang: ...where's that screenshot from?

RegExr, the app you shouldn't use but I still do even though the website is far better.

it's EN_US

For the moment, run a comma-dot conversion after the regex above. In case you enabled it in CafeTran, you're knee-deep in it. I'll now have my nasi kuning. No escape.


Since I avoid using regexes in CafeTran (especially S/R regexes), I'm not even sure the regex I suggested above will work. If I use a regex, I execute it in the original document, or in the XLF file (not open in CT), where I can see what I'm doing.


Lenting: it's easy to give suggestions for theoretical solutions. It's a little harder to post solutions that actually work

Apparently it isn't that easy, because nobody else came up with a solution. And my solution does work, though I'm not sure it works within CT (Java flavour) because I don't use regexes in CT. So I suggested alternatives, outside CT.

Anyway, I come up with my own solutions, I don't have to beg for solutions at KB: Chris, Tom, Jim (TMMichael), and others.

I'm an original.


Lenting: Beg is not the word here, dear Woorden, kindly and politely ask it is. But perhaps that's not in your book? 

It's not. Not because "kindly and politely" aren't in my book. They are. But I like to find solutions myself. And I most surely want to flood nice great guys with beginners questions. Not after several years anyway. You may remember that PeterL stopped answering your question pretty soon after you bought KB with a 50% discount.


Lenting: Are you allright?

I am, but even I can make mistakes. What's more worrying, is that you are able to notice a mistake, every once in a while. Make that once.


Moi: ...them friggin' commas and dots

I don't think not using a regex is very smart, but this one should avoid the comma-dot problem:


And it's simpler at that.


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