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Alt key stops working on Java 9

Torsten and me are facing the problem that after a certain time the Alt key stops working: navigating becomes a problem. Quitting and restarting CafeTran solves the problem.

We're both on Java 9 now and since then the problem started.

BTW: you’ll notice that your settings are kept.
This nasty issue has been solved in Java's OpenJDK 13.0.1. You’ll have download the DMG again and reinstall CafeTran. Make sure that you’ve made a backup from your user-created auxiliary files, like customer dictionaries, glossary definitions etc. You’ll have to copy them into the new app folder structure.

This discussion seems to be old, but I've just had this problem for some time (using CafeTran Yeddi) so I came here. I was using Java 10.0.2 that I had downloaded from an Oracle page. I guess this was a JDK (Java Development Kit) which should only be used when you develop Java applications. Now I've removed it and installed a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) "Java 8 update 221" downloaded from instead of Oracle. If you don't want to develop, but only use applications, this is what you should use. I have the impression that this fixed my problem. Besides that, surprise: CafeTran also runs noticeably faster now. (This may also be due to a cleanup of a Java cache that the uninstaller suggested me to run when I removed the existing version from my Mac. Not sure if that cache can be cleaned in a different way as well).

Yes, I mean the same system shortcuts which you mentioned in the first post.


>using the same shortcuts across various editing software?

You mean the system standard ALT+RIGHT/LEFT?

Maybe it has something to do with switching between the apps - using the same shortcuts across various editing software?

Okay, I have now deactivated all auto-starting resident apps on my iMac and rebooted (several times). Let me see if this changes anything.

That's what I was afraid of. Not that I don't grant you the use of your ALT keys on your system, but I'd like to use mine on mine too.

These systems shortcuts work just fine on my Mac with Java 9.

BTW: I'm using this keyboard, perhaps it's relevant:


After a couple of segments, ALT+RIGHT and ALT+LEFT stopped working again. Minimising the CafeTran GUI via the yellow icon doesn't fix it.

ALT+RIGHT and ALT+LEFT respond in all open native OS X apps and also in the latest version of Swordfish (Java).

I hope that you'll find the cause.

@Torsten: Maybe minimizing and maximzing the CT windows helps

Read that too late this morning ;). Will try it next time when it happens.

After a few minutes, the ALT key stops working. I've deactivated all possible interfering apps.

It often happens only after several hours of working. Yep, I'll keep my eyes on a pattern. Have a nice weekend! Bye.

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