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Alt key stops working on Java 9

Torsten and me are facing the problem that after a certain time the Alt key stops working: navigating becomes a problem. Quitting and restarting CafeTran solves the problem.

We're both on Java 9 now and since then the problem started.

Maybe, there is a pattern for this Java issue on your side? I have checked it several times and it still works.

Maybe it has something to do with this here (last posting, "InternalFrame close method was calling setClosed(true)".

Keys do not suddenly stop working, there must a reason

I do not find anything on "Alt-Key stops working" in correlation with "Java 9", when asking Google. Java problem? Swing problem with Java 9? Probably, but only with some specific problem.

  • Buffer overflow (not enough RAM, memory inconsistencies happening after a time "x")? In my case, perhaps, but not for Hans, who is a RAM hamster. Well, maybe Java 9 has a different memory allocation/administration.
  • A small glitch in some of the newer features?
  • Any command that does not work good with Java 9? 

Note to myself and to Hans: Maybe minimizing and maximzing the CT windows helps (I read this somewhere this morning when searching for probable Java issues). But it did not happen yet today (but yesterday about 4 times).

>Navigating between words on Mac OSX (ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT) are system shortcuts and they work in Java too.

Yes. I know. But they stop working in CafeTran, while they keep working in other apps (native ones).

Navigating between words on Mac OSX (ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT) are system shortcuts and they work in Java too. Note that navigation between segments has other default shortcuts (CTRL+ALT+LEFT and CTRL+ALT+RIGHT) on Mac not to interfere with the system shortcuts.

Yes, it needs longer working to make it happen. And: if it would be a KM problem (of course I've thought of that), wouldn't the fact that after quitting CafeTran the problem is solved, indicate that it's not KM related?

It interferes with navigation via ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT. (The latter is BTW never correct.)

I cannot confirm it yet. It may be a Java 9 issue or some external macro/script interference. Note what triggers it. Perhaps changing the shortcut would help.

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