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Alt key stops working on Java 9

Torsten and me are facing the problem that after a certain time the Alt key stops working: navigating becomes a problem. Quitting and restarting CafeTran solves the problem.

We're both on Java 9 now and since then the problem started.

BTW: I'm using this keyboard, perhaps it's relevant:


These systems shortcuts work just fine on my Mac with Java 9.

That's what I was afraid of. Not that I don't grant you the use of your ALT keys on your system, but I'd like to use mine on mine too.

Okay, I have now deactivated all auto-starting resident apps on my iMac and rebooted (several times). Let me see if this changes anything.

Maybe it has something to do with switching between the apps - using the same shortcuts across various editing software?

>using the same shortcuts across various editing software?

You mean the system standard ALT+RIGHT/LEFT?

Yes, I mean the same system shortcuts which you mentioned in the first post.


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