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REQ: Clean file(s) from comments and alternative segments

Just coming back on this topic and the request of having all alternative segments deleted at once (after having made a proofing myself – this is not implemented yet, is it?), maybe there is a possibility a have a project/a file cleaned from all comments and alternative segments, maybe with a menu command and a shortcut (that needs to be a bit complicated, to avoid an accidental triggering)?

I heard there would be rain for the next weeks in Poland.

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for the weather forecast. It is good for picking up mushrooms too. ;)

You are aware of the fact that for each eatable mushroom there's also a look alike that's poisonous?

Uh, this was much too dry this summer for mushrooms. 

And don't you think that picking up mushrooms is much too dangerous for uns all? 


Don't worry. I can assure you that most Poles are experts on mushrooms.

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