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REQ: Blacklist

I wonder if I already asked for this (I am pretty sure, but I do not find it with the search term "black list"), but here we are:

A kind of blacklist would be nice. One of my client hates a fill word I use quite often, so I want to alleviate his pain and automate this kind of game. Such a list could contain:

  • any "unwanted" word
  • all the seals on the beach (assuming you translate really rarely sth about "zeehonden"*)
  • any unwanted string combination, e.g. ".." (the "..." should always be "…", one character), ";;" etc.
  • typical typos (if not covered by AHK, KM etc.)
  • typical misunderstandings presuming from voice recognition, that have not been corrected before, but that might happen quite often

Such a blacklist 

  • could form part of the QA (and cover may similar requests)
  • could simply form part of the filters ("blacklisted strings")
  • could mark the text with a rather ugly living colour

*BTW, when I was young, I had a sticker on my ring file "De Zeehond terug in de Waddenzee" from Texel. Google tells me this might not be a problem any more.

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Prepare your black list in a simple text file and then preform QA > Check target segment for words...

Touché. I just checked; at least it is not covered in the Solutions section.

Playing the typical "but it is there..." and "but couldn't it ...?" game:

Is there any chance to have this integrated into the "regular" QA? This would mean to have a special file assigned for this, without the need to open a file for every check (assuming that for the target text it is – nearly – always the same). In other words: I need to make much more clicks for this QA. Or maybe there is another solution to choose a ugly_words-txt file instead of the open dialogue box.

BTW, why should I want to check the source text or to look for missing words (use cases, sure this is Hans' field)?

Yes, it would be nice to have it built in, with a special warning colour for any erroneous instances in your target text.

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