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FAQ for newbies – Part 10

I honestly am not used to having to choose glossaries or memories, so I am trying to wrap my head around it all. I used to just pick the Spanish to English mdv and mdb (or whatever they are called in dvx) bc it was all there ...

As a matter of fact, in CafeTran you can use one resource for everything: the TM.

Just make sure that you click the Fragments checkbox when setting up a TM.

Watch the video ...

According to the developer you only need BM: So what would you recommend for newbies? It is a matter of a personal taste and past experience. As a newbie, I would definitely go for TM Fragments to focus on translation workflow rather than an advanced term-management possibly via external tools too. Editing, matching and searching TMX memory files, be it segments or fragments, in CafeTran is more than satisfactory.
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