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FAQ for newbies – Part 10

I honestly am not used to having to choose glossaries or memories, so I am trying to wrap my head around it all. I used to just pick the Spanish to English mdv and mdb (or whatever they are called in dvx) bc it was all there ...

As a matter of fact, in CafeTran you can use one resource for everything: the TM.

Just make sure that you click the Fragments checkbox when setting up a TM.

Watch the video ...

I used to just pick the Spanish to English mdv and mdb (or whatever they are called in dvx) bc it was all there ...

All DejaVu files - translation memories, termbases, and even the project file - are MS Access databases. To be able to use them, you need to convert them, and then import them. The problem is, that MS Access - part of MS Office - can only be used under Windows, and most Office suites don't even support them. So you'll need a viewer/browser. I used DejaVu from 1997 till 2010, and had to convert heaps of DejaVu TMs and termbases for use in CafeTran. I used Axxess for Mac, but there are others, also for other operating systems.


In Axxess, you can export the data to CSV or Excel, formats that CafeTran can import. Although you can combine TMs and termbases into one CafeTran Memory for Segments and Fragments, I suggest you keep them separated. Merging TMs (leading to a "Big Mama") and merging termbases ("Big Papa") is probably a good idea.


Thanks Hans, but I think that the OP was referring to choosing the workflow/making selections in the Dashboard. Did you see what I advised as the simplest solution? A big mama TMX file. Amazing, isn’t it?
Coming back on your addition: the easiest migration from dvx to CafeTran is of course by exporting the tdb and mdb. Michael must do it all the time, cat hopping ;) And this is what I like in CafeTran: no conversion needed, just plain TMX. I find that TR is in contrast with this concept of simplicity. That’s why I don’t use it.
What I like so much about helping new users, is the open mind they often have regarding CafeTran. The OP wondered why the TR pane in the Dashboard is 1/3 of the UI. In my humble view it should indeed not be there until it’s being used the first time. But hey, that’s only my personal opinion. I found the old Dashboard better, without the TR at first, dominating all, position. However, the fact that it *is* positioned there indicates probably that the developer considers it to be a core feature. Isn’t it interesting then that one can make good use of CafeTran without using this core feature? How’s that for versatility?

Lenting: ...the developer considers it to be a core feature

He does, and I disagree, even though I use Total Recall all the time. I think you should TMs as TMX until they start slowing down the Automatic Workflow. But I don't think this should be part of FAQ for Newbies - Part 10 anymore.


Okay then we totally agree (TMX for everything, TR only when needed). May I ask you for another favour? Please stop mentioning my name here. If you don’t agree with my alias, you can use ‘>’. Please?

L: Please stop mentioning my name here. If you don’t agree with my alias, you can use

I don't agree with your alias, and I'm Hans myself, the oldest, Mac user since 1987, CafeTran user since 2010, so I can't use Hans for you.  That explains "Lenting." I opted for "L", but I'm not happy with that either. I can't use ">" because of my systematic approach: Name - colon - quote in italics, which I think is just about the best you can do in F Reshdesk.


Here's a better movie to demonstrate the use of one TM for everything (terms & segments):

(For the previous movie I didn't use the latest build :(, I also changed the display of the two resources (TM and DeepL) in the Tabbed pane.)

Next time you start CafeTran, you'll have two resources checked in the Dashboard: the Big Mama TM and the DeepL Machine Translation engine:


Just make sure to store your Big Mama at the right place when creating it (preferably in your Dropbox).

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There is still an error in the video:!the first time that you want to use DeepL, you have to choose it from the Resources menu.

Very helpful. Thank you. I know have a BIG MAMA!

This was really helpful. 

Now, am I supposed to create a BIG PAPA, as well, or where are these "fragments" being stored other than the ProjectTM? If so can someone help me down the path to set up the BIG PAPA? And should this also be in Dropbox? Should it be in a different folder or can it be the same one as the BIG MAMA? 

I should note, that I did have the fragments box ticked when I created BIG MAMA. 

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